mzdevon (mzdevon) wrote in foot_worship,

“Always at Your feet”

I cannot stop thinking how it’d be to bow to this Goddess and worship her, to be her footstool, to paint her lovely toenails, to pamper her beautiful amazing feet, to give her a footrub, or, simple, to stay quietly on my knees looking at those short, to live for her feet!

I think every man on earth should bow down to Mz Devon, worship, adore and tribute her. Every man’s goal should be to work to make Goddess Mz Devon’s life easier. She should have no problems, no worries and no concerns..she should have everything she wants, provided by her slaves. Now that I have the honor of being one of them, I understand how is that possible that so many men serve her.

Just a snap of her fingers, and she should have an army of slaves ready to serve, provide and do everything for her.

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Coincidentally, the latest update in The Devonite Temple is a gorgeous foot worship set. The gallery contains 19 retro styled photos taken during a brief hotel stay in Vancouver last week. As always… immaculate.

This foot fetish photo set is available for purchase in The Worship Emporium or anonymously via Niteflirt.


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