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Goddess Lycia

Lycia's Cutesy Socks with Holes Auction

Lycia's Cutesy Socks with Holes
Watch the Video and CRAVE them beyond belief:

Hey foot pervs and aroma addicts! These cutesy socks were my favorites for several years. I've worn them so much that they got all holey. They are really soft, really smelly, and so utterly adorable. Admit it; you MUST HAVE THEM!

By the time you receive these extremely soft, well-worn, and severely stinky socks, they will be simply *saturated.* Holding them up to your nose just *once* will just about knock you out. Whether you have a foot fetish, a sock fetish, a fragrance fetish, a Goddess Lycia fetish, or any combination of those, you will freaking *love* and cherish these lovely little treasures!

Can you imagine the aroma? If you have won any of my previous auctions, then you know that my scent is magickal. And I am not joking; go read my feedback. The magick of my scent will have you hypnotized, horny, and desperate for more!

Bid hard or Buy Now!

~Serious Bidders Only~
Auction runs for 10 days only.
Starting bid must be at least $15.
Bids are in increments of $5.
Buy it now for $150.
You pay shipping, which will be an additional $6 (US) or $12 (international).
Payment options will be discussed.

Click Here to Bid Now
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